Getting a good structured cabling contractor for your business

Getting a good structured cabling contractor for your business – Knowledge-Pro has been in the Singapore B2B market for many years. We work closely with our customer to provide high quality payroll services for our clients and also work closely with our partners to provide other high quality business to business support.

Our partners include those providing Singapore Accounting Services packages and also for those that provide network cabling contractor singapore work.

The thing about having someone to assist you with your cabling need is always about finding good people.

Not just having good people that are therefore experienced, you also need someone who is always on time


1. Experienced in getting cabling work done

Experienced people will be able to make sure you get good quality work done, and this is something that should be a given.

When you have people who have done it many times, you get good work quality and happy people because you always want to have good work done for you and your company.

Experience takes time to build up and with this even more projects to get more experience from.

Working with a company that is constantly able to deliver is something that makes you stand out and also allows you to do well in the long term.

Definitely the choice structured cabling system singapore contractor.

2. Good timeliness in delivery

The worse thing that can happen is when people do not finish their work on time, if you settle your work on time, you have happy people and this is something that most business not only do not manage well but some have issues with.

For deliver of contractor work, this will mean faster starting time and also better planning.

No one likes late work so we are always happy to share with our customers the services of people who are able to do good work for anyone that we introduce to them and also to give them the support we are able to give as a corporate services provider.


3. Certified contractors that can deliver

Our partners are commscope partner singapore and also panduit partner singapore, this is something that makes your work for structured cabling done fast and also easy.

We all want to have people who know what they are doing and having certification is important.

Run by certified engineers means your business will only be getting the best people to work on your network cables.

Knowledge Pro is a Singapore payroll services provider , providing high quality payroll services outsourcing work.

If you need help with Singapore Structured cabling work, talk to our friends at Emerges Plus.

Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore & what they do

Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore & what they do – There are many questions when it comes to what a corporate secretary actually does when you incorporate a company in Singapore. Corporate Secretaries are required under ACRA rules to be appointed within 6 months of the incorporation of Singapore company. Corporate Secretary are officers of the company other than that of the director or the shareholder. The corporate secretary is a key person when it comes to running a business and is someone that should not be missed and not to be forgotten when things are running.

So what exactly does the corporate secretary do?

The CS is someone who works on the corporate governance of the company. Governance is very important for this time and age because there are so many things to watch out for when you are running a business. There are timelines and there are government changes every few months. The CS is someone that will watch this portion for you. You dont need to hire a full time CS, you can actually get a nominee CS for a portion of the price and this means that you can save a lot of money so that you can focus on your business. The CS is not just any other secretary. He or she needs to have professional training from the institute and are able to be qualified by then.

This is one of the few professions that will need to have the exams taken and the charter got.

So what do you get from hiring a Corporate Secretary in Singapore? Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore & what they do

The corporate secretary will be able to keep your secretarial files in order. Making sure that all this documents are well kept is very important because you will need them when ACRA decides to audit you or when you are going to be acquired and the files need to be checked so that everything is in order. The CS is someone who will have all this file nicely places in their office so that you will be able to come by and check and inspect it anytime you want and this is something that most business owners do not really care about!

The corporate secretary is also someone who will give you advice when you need them. If you are planning to move around your shares for whatever reasons, ask this person who is on your side to help you save taxes or someone who will be able to make sure it protects your status.

The corporate secretary is someone that you will want on your side in the board room as well to give you advice as you are able to ask him or her before you make board decisions. Board decisions can be the best taken when you know the law well and also know that whatever you are doing is on the right side of what you can do.

Koh Management is our associate company that will work closely with you to provide high quality management services in Singapore. Contact them or us so that we can help you link up to get your management services well.

Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore & what they do


Singapore Corporate Services needed by SMEs & Startups

Singapore Corporate Services needed by SMEs & Startups

Singapore Corporate Services needed by SMEs & Startups – Running a business is never easy. There are many business owners who come and go everyday. Starting up is easy, running a business is tough, keeping it profitable and making it a success is even tougher. There are many things to watch out for and the most important steps that you need to take are usually the things that you do not really have much experience in. For example, you can learn how to do sales but you might take a long time to learn marketing. You might be able to take minutes but not able to do secretarial work. You might be able to keep documents need but not able to do accounting.

Singapore Corporate Services needed by SMEs & Startups

Outsourcing your various work is becoming a very popular option in this time and age. There are many business owners who decide to start their businesses and work in fields where they provide management services for business owners who wish to save time and effort on getting this items done. Sometimes getting someone to do the outsourcing work is also a better choice because you knowing something about the necessary work might not mean you are the best person to do it. If you are not working on something day in day out you might not be aware of changes on the government end. You might not be aware that you are making a mistake and you might be fined for it. There are things that are best left to the experts who know what they are doing and do it for a living.

Below we will share the corporate services, that will help you to save precious time and effort and in term maximize your potential of making more money:

Company Incorporation Services – Incorporating a company in Singapore is as easy as just going to the ACRA website and registering a new company. All you need is the name of the company, what business you are engaging in, the details of your shareholders and the details of your directors. Everything else is well explained on the website and you just need to pay the necessary fees online and within a few minutes, you have a live Singapore company. Unless of course one of your directors is a foreigner, then you will require a Singapore Licensed Corporate Secretarial company to assist you with this incorporation process.

So why do most business owners choose to get a professional to do the company incorporation work instead?

Some of the information that the individual inputs can be mistaken and done wrongly. This is very common and this can come off as a surprise but certain sensitive items can be done wrongly by individuals who are not careful or do not know what it actually means.

Mistakes can lead to bigger legal issues in the future and you won’t want to get yourself exposed even when you incorporated a Private Limited company to limit your exposure.

Bookkeeping Services – After your company is set up and incorporated, you will start running your business. The first few things that you need to do is to have your accounting system set up and having a system of work flows in place in your business so that you can keep track of your sales and your expenses. Many business owners who are not experienced in this will make mistakes such as not having a proper system or flow in place. This causes headaches after awhile because documents can be misplaced or some information not being available. This creates the issue of mess and confusion. Having a proper accountant to assist you with monthly accounting services can be one of the few things that will help you improve your quality of life as a business owner. It can also save you time and effort as time goes by.

You will have someone who can educate you on how to send an invoice. Someone to educate you on how to issue quotations and what expenses can be included into your accounts. This helps you to improve as a business owner and the knowledge can also be useful if you wish to pay lesser taxes than you would have if you did not have a competent accountant around you.

Having all this in place and getting the bookkeeping work done monthly will ensure you have your management reports on hand when a potential investor wants to pick it up. It also means that you have a proper system of flow in place so you can make good decisions based on the updated profit and loss by the month. This is one of the most important Singapore Corporate Services.

Accounting Services – After you have your bookkeeping for your company done, at the end of the year you will need to come up with un-audited financial reports that you will have to submit to the government. For small companies there is no need to get yourself audited which saves you couple of thousands of dollars a year. This makes life for the entrepreneur a lot easier as well as auditors can take up quite a portion of your time checking on your inventory or asking you tons of questions.

Financial Report compilation is a lot easier and it involves using your bookkeeping management report to come up with something that the layman can understand in your Balance Sheet and Income Statement documents. This reports are usually submitted to the government, usually ACRA. The reports are also useful if you are trying to get a bank loan, the banks will require it. Some suppliers may request for your financial reports to decide if you are healthy in your numbers to decide if they want to give you some form of trade credit. Land lords may request for it to see if you are able to make payment for their rentals. Potential investors into your business will want to know if you are managing your business well by looking at your expense numbers and figuring out if there are ways that they can come in and help you to improve the running of your business.

This documents are useful if you have external stakeholders who wish to make decisions based on the actual figures and numbers of your business.

Corporate Secretarial Services – Every company are needed by the government to appoint a corporate secretary within 6 months of incorporation of a company. Most businesses appoint them during the first month of business. What are some of the duties and roles and work of the corporate secretary you may ask. For those who have not been in business or are just starting out, the corporate secretary is a personnel trained in the governance laws of Singapore and are placed in the company to ensure governance work are covered and done on time.

Corporate Secretaries will keep the ACRA files of all the documents you have done up since incorporation, to the change of directors and change of shareholders in place and nicely kept in a file in a office that is secure. Such data are needed by the government when they do random audits and checks through ACRA. If you do not have all this documents in place, you may face some kind of reprimand or penalties.

Corporate Secretaries also ensure that your submission deadlines to ACRA are met. Annual returns need to be filed with 6 months of your financial year end and some business owners may not be aware or may forget that this needs to be done. So having someone in place to do this will be the best for any business owner to make sure all necessary work are done.

Tax Computation & Submission Services – At the end of the financial year, after the compilation of financial report is done, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) will step in. They will require you to declare your tax returns and let them know how much taxes you are estimated to incur. Singapore has quite a simple tax system in place and this is also one of the strengths of the country. Together with a relatively low taxation percentage as compared to the rest of the world, Singapore has slowly grown into a leading financial hub.

Tax computation work is done with the amount of profits recorded. The number of years this company is live (since the first 3 years of operation, Singapore companies do enjoy some form of tax breaks and tax incentives). Tax computation will be done by the Tax experts who know where you can save on taxes and what are some of the expenses and deductibles. Once this amounts are done up and computed, you will have to get the taxation documents submitted to IRAS. IRAS will find out the final figures and do the taxation of your company accordingly.

Having someone who is familiar with the latest tax laws and updates will allow you to not only be on the right side of the law. You will also be able to save on the hard earn profits if you have your tax related work done properly by professionals. You might also avoid getting into legal trouble with IRAS if you do not pay your taxes properly and on time!

Auditing Services – Small companies are exempted from Auditing. Auditing of companies are required for business that are above SGD $10 million in revenue turnover, have more than SGD $10 million in assets or have more than 50 employees (whichever two of this criterias are met, company will not be exempted from auditing).

Auditing can cost quite a bit for businesses because a couple of audit professionals from the audit firm will have to come by your office or warehouse to check on inventory and go through your books. Their profession is to check and ensure that the amount that you have declared in your accounting figures are declared properly. They will do a check and vouch for your numbers. And therefore most auditors are extremely careful and strict because their license to practice can be on the line if the company they audited was found to have issues.

Auditors are also usually appointed for business that function within shopping malls. Some malls run their business through revenue share, so they will get auditors to vouch that the sales figure are proper and not doctored with and will take a cut of that revenue figure from the shops that are within their malls.

Payroll Services – Running a business in Singapore, likely you will have to hire someone to help you with part of the business. Either as a front line stuff for a retail business. Admin staff for paper work in the office. Sales staff for those who are out trying to get more business for the company. Or warehouse staff that are trying to keep your inventory well kept and in check.

Payroll computation and arrangements can be quite a pain especially if you have too big a number of head count. Some businesses decide to outsource this set of work so that they do not need to manage the payroll computation and preparation work. There are software and systems that can help you to save time when managing a company of hundred of people.

Payroll Services are also outsourced usually to make sure that no one person in the company knows the payroll figures of the company. Salary is a very sensitive item so this is something that might be too much to be held by one person within the company. Definitely one of the needed Singapore Corporate Services.

Office Rental Services – For most business owners, renting an office can be quite a journey. You might have a small budget and this means that you are not familiar as to where you can go to get a good deal. Finding a good location and also at a price that works for you is also something that is tough.

Finding a good location, negotiating a good price can be done by Office Rental Associates or Agents that do this for living. They are able to get the best price and find you the best deals and location when you need them to. The commissions are also usually given by the land lords so why not get your office rental journey through someone who can help you find and negotiate it for you. One of the best Singapore Corporate Services that you can use for your benefits with almost no cost.

Koh Management Pte Ltd is one of the leading Singapore Corporate Services firm in Singapore that works closely with Knowledge-Pro Pte Ltd to deliver high quality business services for Singapore companies. Visit their website at to find out more about Singapore Corporate Services needed by SMEs & Startups.

Singapore Corporate Services needed by SMEs & Startups

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore – When it comes to running a business, everyone says this. Time is money. Time can be used to meet more people, close more deals or be marketing to more people so that they will work closely with you to generate more revenue making opportunities.

To be able to save time from things that are not core to the business and to spend time on things that are core and important to the business is one thing that many business need to learn about making money from running a business of your own.

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore

Some items from running a business can be outsourced and this will make sure that you business is able to save money and end up having to make more income in the long run. 

So what are some ways that you can save time when it comes to doing the administrative work of processing payroll for your staff members:

1. Using a software that is Singapore based 

Payroll software can be quite typical when it comes to just processing basic pay. But there are components in Singapore’s payroll that can really set it apart from the rest of the world. Things like National Service Pay, things like CPF are very different from systems of other countries and this makes for the usage of a locally created software that can do the heavy duty calculations for you so that you do not have to manually do the calculation when you are preparing the payroll of the particular person. 


2.Using a software that is certified by the authorities

CPF and IRAS will require you to be certified before you can do direct submissions with them. This will mean that they have audited your software and that your software fits a certain capability and at the same time able to perform the require calculations with accuracy. This certification is not tough but it has a limited time frame and only those that are around for quite awhile will be able to achieve it. Use a software that is able to provide that so that you can save time and effort instead of trying to get the submissions done manually from the government individual websites that can be quite annoying and time consuming for a busy entrepreneur like yourself. 


3. Keeping up to date with new government changes

If you’re doing your payroll processing, it pays to always take note of what changes the government is coming up with and follow through with it. There are many changes that can come about during one budget change and we should always keep abreast of the changes so that you do not make mistakes to the calculation of someone’s payroll and CPF. 

This is extra important because employees can get very upset if their pays are not done properly. 


4. Outsourcing the work to a qualified payroll services provider

Probably the best way to receive the productivity that you need as a businessman is to get someone to do the work for you at an afforable price. This is one thing that many businessman do not pay attention to. To non-core services, it will be best to just get someone to outsource the work for you. For a competitive rate, you get to save money and time and also have the most updated service standards. We prefer to do that for our business as well. 


Explore outsourcing your payroll services to Knowledge-Pro to see the benefits of doing so today.

Our partners at Koh Management is also strong in accounting services in Singapore.

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm – Payroll services is quite a common management services firm available in Singapore. Singapore is a competitive place, no matter where you go, there is strong competition to grab your attention and to get you to purchase. The only way to be at the top of the competition is when you are able to push for higher profits through lowering cost and also at the same time boosting your revenue figures. This is something most business man are aware of but do not practice on a regular basis. The strength of a business is to do well in the long term and this is something many business owners need to work towards if they want to be successful in this current environment. 

So what are the 5 reasons you should outsource your payroll services to a firm that is able to deliver for you:

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm

Reason 1: You save time when you outsource your payroll

Why spend so much time working on payroll when it does not bring you any income or sorts. This is something that many business owners like to make the mistake of. When you spend time trying to do little things like this, you end up looking on that thousand dollar or ten thousand dollar deal. This is penny wise , pound foolish. We all should work towards earning that bigger buck and spending money on things that you do not find core to the business. 

There are many cheap manners to outsource and if you do not need to troublesome payroll, you could choose the more affordable packages to help you grow your business through outsourcing this administrative work. 

Reason 2: You get better work done for you by a professional payroll staff

You are not someone that is working on payroll everyday, how are you going to be able to deliver the best work as compared to someone who does only payroll work day in and day out. This is something many people dont understand. Let the people who do it best do the work for you. 

High quality work can be derived from a professional who is able to process it not just fast but at the same time accurately based on all the work that you have and give to the professional personnel. 

Reason 3: You get the work done on time and on target

Having a strong team of payroll professionals means that they are able to produce work at a faster speed than you doing it. The time taken to get it done on time and on target is very important because this is salary related and most of your staff members will want to receive their salary on time. 

You will also want accurate and good work to be done and this is something that Knowledge-Pro will be able to provide for your business.

Reason 4: You will save money from the salary for a full time payroll staff versus outsourcing it to a professional payroll firm

Hiring a full timer for anything is never cheap, you will have to fork out a few thousand dollar for a fresh graduate who probably doesn’t know anything or you will have to pay even more for someone that is experienced. 

This is something that most business owners will have a dilemma of, they will have to decide if they want more control in house versus cost. And cost will win most of the time because there is almost no reason why you should keep it in house and burn a whole lot of cash trying to maintain that one person. 


Reason 5: You get work that is up to date with government changes

Professional firms will ensure they keep updated with the budget and plans of the government so that you do not submit the wrong data when you do have to do submission. There has been cases where entrepreneurs work on payroll themselves and miss out certain contributions that they are not aware of because they do not pay close attention to changes on a regular basis.

This is something you do not have to fear from a professional firm because it is our duty to check and confirm the work that needs to be done and make the changes accordingly for all our customers.


Knowledge-Pro Pte Ltd is a leading payroll services management company that is able to assist you and your business in arriving at a optimum point of productivity and cost efficiency. 

We look forward to working with you and your team in delivering quality work for your management needs. 

You can also visit our payroll services site here:

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm