Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore & what they do

Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore & what they do – There are many questions when it comes to what a corporate secretary actually does when you incorporate a company in Singapore. Corporate Secretaries are required under ACRA rules to be appointed within 6 months of the incorporation of Singapore company. Corporate Secretary are officers of the company other than that of the director or the shareholder. The corporate secretary is a key person when it comes to running a business and is someone that should not be missed and not to be forgotten when things are running.

So what exactly does the corporate secretary do?

The CS is someone who works on the corporate governance of the company. Governance is very important for this time and age because there are so many things to watch out for when you are running a business. There are timelines and there are government changes every few months. The CS is someone that will watch this portion for you. You dont need to hire a full time CS, you can actually get a nominee CS for a portion of the price and this means that you can save a lot of money so that you can focus on your business. The CS is not just any other secretary. He or she needs to have professional training from the institute and are able to be qualified by then.

This is one of the few professions that will need to have the exams taken and the charter got.

So what do you get from hiring a Corporate Secretary in Singapore? Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore & what they do

The corporate secretary will be able to keep your secretarial files in order. Making sure that all this documents are well kept is very important because you will need them when ACRA decides to audit you or when you are going to be acquired and the files need to be checked so that everything is in order. The CS is someone who will have all this file nicely places in their office so that you will be able to come by and check and inspect it anytime you want and this is something that most business owners do not really care about!

The corporate secretary is also someone who will give you advice when you need them. If you are planning to move around your shares for whatever reasons, ask this person who is on your side to help you save taxes or someone who will be able to make sure it protects your status.

The corporate secretary is someone that you will want on your side in the board room as well to give you advice as you are able to ask him or her before you make board decisions. Board decisions can be the best taken when you know the law well and also know that whatever you are doing is on the right side of what you can do.

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Corporate Secretarial Services Singapore & what they do