Accounting Services Singapore are important for Singapore SMEs & Startups

Accounting Services Singapore are important for Singapore SMEs & Startups – There are many ways to start a business. Some businesses can be started with zero cash down such as those of providing services to business and providing services to people. Wedding planners or copywriting just require you to have time and contacts and also some writing skills in terms of writing jobs. This are some of the easiest ways to start your entrepreneurship journey to build your own business in this very competitive and money hungry world.

Accounting Services Singapore are important for Singapore SMEs & Startups

When it comes to starting up a business or running an SME in Singapore, there will be many challenges that you should want to watch out for. Challenges such as balancing the budget of paying yourself, expanding your business and growing the business. There are many ways that you can end up killing your business growth if you do not know how to manage it. Managing money is a tough thing, you should always watch out how you are spending and work to not spend too much on your non core related expenses. Save the money to put it into marketing your business so that you can grow and get bigger and make more revenue.

For most of the startups and SMEs that are around in Singapore, accounting services is prime for the most important step of giving you good information so that you can make decisions for your business. Sometimes you might be losing money on an investment or from a certain services but you are not even aware of it. This is important to make sure the person with the numbers know that you are able to make a profit. In the long term if the depreciation of an equipment together with the cost of salary and rental may not even cover the cost, you might end up losing money from running a business instead of making money. No one runs a business to fail and to lose money. So this is one thing that most people need to take note of. They have to make sure the numbers are ready in place for decision making so that one does not lose out on information that will be able to help you to grow and help you to get away from something that is turning bad. And moving away as soon as possible is the way to go.

Using XERO Accounting Singapore, there are many ways that you can not only save on money but you can save time because the software is based online. Online Accounting Services that helps you to not only be able to issue invoices and quotations on the move, you are also able to give the best for your clients because they expect the best from you. Online accounting software are the way to go from now on because younger people will prefer to be able to check out their information when they are meeting their clients. Also the fact that you can check on things online when you are overseas for meetings helps you to get your work done anywhere you are. This gives you the freedom of location and time to run your business which i believe many younger business owners will appreciate.

K Cloud Accounting, is one of the leading Xero Partners in Singapore that is able to assist you to set up your accounting systems in place and work with you closely to ensure that you understand how to have a good system off accounting work in place. This makes sure you are able to start strong and go on strong without having to make edits and change directions along the way. This is exceptionally important for businesses that wish to achieve great success in their business. With a good vision of probably being the best in Singapore, they will have to focus on their goal and not be distracted by all this administrative work that can be done by someone that they can outsource the work to.

Accounting Services Singapore are important for Singapore SMEs & Startups

SEO Classes Singapore and the advantage to learn

SEO Classes Singapore and the advantage to learn – There are so many skills that you can pick up in Singapore. Singapore is well known for its education and Singapore is also well known to place a big emphasis on the importance of education. SEO Classes are important for those who wish to find a career in digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a key skill in 2019 and the time ahead. There are so many things you can do if you can gain marketing edge over your competitors with digital marketing skills. So what are some of the advantages you may ask if you learn Search Engine Optimization from Mr Tommy Koh.

Firstly, Search Engine Optimization is one of the top 10 skills that are in demand in 2018. There are many skills that are shifted towards the use of artificial intelligence and other related technologies. The digital marketer who has the skill sets that require you to be able to run a strong digital marketing campaign, will require you to have the following skills, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising and Search Engine advertising. There are so many skill sets that you need to be able to perform and pick up on. So what are some of the things that can help you to firmly stand out from the crowd. You should learn the very skill set that will bring up your value in the market place. Search Engine Optimization is probably the hardest of the few digital marketing skill sets to learn from because it involves quite a bit of theory and there are also many components to it that you need to spend time learning. With this skill well equipped, your value as a digital marketing specialist will definitely increase and you will be well liked by the boss for being able to deliver the good work that any boss will like to have within their team of staff.

Secondly, Search Engine Optimization is a very interesting skill that not only can work on your work projects. It could also work well for your own side hustle that may involve you getting a good flow of traffic from the search engine such as Google to give you a good amount of internet traffic that may turn your side hustle into your main income generator. This is also important skill for anyone who wants to get their little projects ranking well on Google. SEO is a very easy to scale skill set where you can turn a small website into something that has 1000s of traffic if you do it right. The right article or the right keyword placement will mean you can rank rather well and high on Google.

Thirdly, SEO classes conducted by SEO Geek can be claimed through the skillsfuture grant provided by the Singapore government. $500 of class fees can be claimed using the government grant allowing the class to be done with zero cost for most adult students that are above the age of 25. This gives you a good reason to pick up this good skill for the low fee of zero dollars. You will be able to pick up the skills with good lesson plans and also a clear understanding of doing on-site and off-site SEO from a trainer who has been working on websites for the past 8 years. Ask questions from the small group class setting so that you have the best understanding of the skill that will help you to learn and better become a good digital marketer.

Find out more about the classes now.

Using Xero Accounting Singapore for your Accounting work

Using Xero Accounting Singapore for your Accounting work

Using Xero Accounting Singapore for your Accounting work – There are many ways that you can save time and effort when you are running a business. There are many applications and software that are available now to help you save time on working on your accounting, sales, marketing, customer database, re-engagement of customers. What really matters is whether this software or applications do work into your business workflow and also at the same time do they work well with you to deliver high quality results that will not only save you time and money and at the same time help you to achieve your business goals.

Using Xero Accounting Singapore for your Accounting work

When it comes to making sure that you are able to keep good records for your business and at the same time be efficient, your accounting software definitely will matter a lot. This will work in junction with the Singapore Bookkeeping Services provider that you work with. Your services provider usually will be able to use a few software that they are familiar with and this is one of the key things that matter because you should also be glad to use the software that they are using and also understand that the software that you are working with actually works well and delivers a high quality work for your requirements of having good accounting data and also having timely accounting work done for you.

So what are some of the benefits of working using Xero and working with K Cloud Accounting Pte Ltd for your accounting work?

So Xero is able to allow bank reconciliation through the use of bank feeds. Your bank will push information into the software every day and this information can be used by the system together with an artificial intelligence (AI) to get the bank reconciliation work done within a push of a button. It saves a lot of time and effort and this is also one of the most clear cut way of doing something that is so tedious in the past when you have to check line by line the issues that you have and the amount that you have banked it. Now time can be used to come up with reports. Sit down with your accountant on the significance of this numbers and to work out how you can improve your business through reducing expenses and increasing your sales figures to generate more income for the shareholders of the business which is the main goal of any business.

Xero is also web based and also app based, which means you can use it on the go and when you are required to send some information to someone when you just finish a meeting, say a quotation or an invoice. This shows how productive and reactive you are as a team of sales people and this helps you to grow your business. There are many ways that a good and fast to use software can help you to get far in business. We all like someone who is able to work on the go and get things done with the tip of their fingers and this is one of the best ways to do it and we recommend to have your responses fast in this fast pace work of business.

K Cloud Accounting works with Xero as the base accounting services software to provide packaged services that includes the full suite of monthly bookkeeping services, corporate secretarial services, end of year financial report compiling, tax computation and submission, annual return and annual general meeting matters. This is a one stop shop that is able to deliver a good quality level of work for your needs and for startups that are not sure, the young team of professionals are able to give you good advice and assist you in your needs. The good thing about having a young team, is that you will be able to use the latest technology has to offer for the requirements that you have and also save time and effort when you need to get certain work done up for you. There are many things that you can find out and you will be able to do well in the long term if you are able to tap on the latest updates of technology and work for your clients.

K Cloud Accounting is our affiliated company and we are glad to work with you on payroll services as well so that we can help you to deliver an all rounded service for your small and medium enterprise in Singapore. K Cloud Accounting is now a silver Xero Partner and works closely with many startups to provide Accounting Services for Singapore Startups. If you are a startup that is looking to have a good budget to get things done and also good services with a young and dependable team, we believe this company is the one to go for when you are trying to figure your way around how to get certain work done up with the fastest and most efficient methods. You can also be glad that things will be done with great quality and work.

Knowledge-Pro is a Singapore payroll services specialist that has been in the payroll field for more than 20 years. We work closely with SMEs and some MNCs to provide high quality monthly payroll work so that you can focus on growing your business and working on revenue generating products and services while we handle the day to day administrative work of running a business.

Using Xero Accounting Singapore for your Accounting work

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore – When it comes to running a business, everyone says this. Time is money. Time can be used to meet more people, close more deals or be marketing to more people so that they will work closely with you to generate more revenue making opportunities.

To be able to save time from things that are not core to the business and to spend time on things that are core and important to the business is one thing that many business need to learn about making money from running a business of your own.

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore

Some items from running a business can be outsourced and this will make sure that you business is able to save money and end up having to make more income in the long run. 

So what are some ways that you can save time when it comes to doing the administrative work of processing payroll for your staff members:

1. Using a software that is Singapore based 

Payroll software can be quite typical when it comes to just processing basic pay. But there are components in Singapore’s payroll that can really set it apart from the rest of the world. Things like National Service Pay, things like CPF are very different from systems of other countries and this makes for the usage of a locally created software that can do the heavy duty calculations for you so that you do not have to manually do the calculation when you are preparing the payroll of the particular person. 


2.Using a software that is certified by the authorities

CPF and IRAS will require you to be certified before you can do direct submissions with them. This will mean that they have audited your software and that your software fits a certain capability and at the same time able to perform the require calculations with accuracy. This certification is not tough but it has a limited time frame and only those that are around for quite awhile will be able to achieve it. Use a software that is able to provide that so that you can save time and effort instead of trying to get the submissions done manually from the government individual websites that can be quite annoying and time consuming for a busy entrepreneur like yourself. 


3. Keeping up to date with new government changes

If you’re doing your payroll processing, it pays to always take note of what changes the government is coming up with and follow through with it. There are many changes that can come about during one budget change and we should always keep abreast of the changes so that you do not make mistakes to the calculation of someone’s payroll and CPF. 

This is extra important because employees can get very upset if their pays are not done properly. 


4. Outsourcing the work to a qualified payroll services provider

Probably the best way to receive the productivity that you need as a businessman is to get someone to do the work for you at an afforable price. This is one thing that many businessman do not pay attention to. To non-core services, it will be best to just get someone to outsource the work for you. For a competitive rate, you get to save money and time and also have the most updated service standards. We prefer to do that for our business as well. 


Explore outsourcing your payroll services to Knowledge-Pro to see the benefits of doing so today.

Our partners at Koh Management is also strong in accounting services in Singapore.

How to save time when processing payroll for your company in Singapore

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm – Payroll services is quite a common management services firm available in Singapore. Singapore is a competitive place, no matter where you go, there is strong competition to grab your attention and to get you to purchase. The only way to be at the top of the competition is when you are able to push for higher profits through lowering cost and also at the same time boosting your revenue figures. This is something most business man are aware of but do not practice on a regular basis. The strength of a business is to do well in the long term and this is something many business owners need to work towards if they want to be successful in this current environment. 

So what are the 5 reasons you should outsource your payroll services to a firm that is able to deliver for you:

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm

Reason 1: You save time when you outsource your payroll

Why spend so much time working on payroll when it does not bring you any income or sorts. This is something that many business owners like to make the mistake of. When you spend time trying to do little things like this, you end up looking on that thousand dollar or ten thousand dollar deal. This is penny wise , pound foolish. We all should work towards earning that bigger buck and spending money on things that you do not find core to the business. 

There are many cheap manners to outsource and if you do not need to troublesome payroll, you could choose the more affordable packages to help you grow your business through outsourcing this administrative work. 

Reason 2: You get better work done for you by a professional payroll staff

You are not someone that is working on payroll everyday, how are you going to be able to deliver the best work as compared to someone who does only payroll work day in and day out. This is something many people dont understand. Let the people who do it best do the work for you. 

High quality work can be derived from a professional who is able to process it not just fast but at the same time accurately based on all the work that you have and give to the professional personnel. 

Reason 3: You get the work done on time and on target

Having a strong team of payroll professionals means that they are able to produce work at a faster speed than you doing it. The time taken to get it done on time and on target is very important because this is salary related and most of your staff members will want to receive their salary on time. 

You will also want accurate and good work to be done and this is something that Knowledge-Pro will be able to provide for your business.

Reason 4: You will save money from the salary for a full time payroll staff versus outsourcing it to a professional payroll firm

Hiring a full timer for anything is never cheap, you will have to fork out a few thousand dollar for a fresh graduate who probably doesn’t know anything or you will have to pay even more for someone that is experienced. 

This is something that most business owners will have a dilemma of, they will have to decide if they want more control in house versus cost. And cost will win most of the time because there is almost no reason why you should keep it in house and burn a whole lot of cash trying to maintain that one person. 


Reason 5: You get work that is up to date with government changes

Professional firms will ensure they keep updated with the budget and plans of the government so that you do not submit the wrong data when you do have to do submission. There has been cases where entrepreneurs work on payroll themselves and miss out certain contributions that they are not aware of because they do not pay close attention to changes on a regular basis.

This is something you do not have to fear from a professional firm because it is our duty to check and confirm the work that needs to be done and make the changes accordingly for all our customers.


Knowledge-Pro Pte Ltd is a leading payroll services management company that is able to assist you and your business in arriving at a optimum point of productivity and cost efficiency. 

We look forward to working with you and your team in delivering quality work for your management needs. 

You can also visit our payroll services site here:

5 reasons to outsource payroll services to a professional firm